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"The corruption of the ordinary people is due to the corruption of the rulers,
and the corruption of the rulers is due to the corruption of the scholars,
and the corruption of the scholars is due to the fact that the love of money and status has taken their hearts over,
and whenever the love of the world takes over a person, he will not be able to stand up to petty criminals, so how could he face kings and rulers?"

فساد الرعية بفساد الملوك،

وفساد الملوك بفساد العلماء،

وفساد العلماء باستيلاء حب المال والجاه ومن استولى عليه.

حب الدنيا لم يقدر على محاسبة الأرذال ، فكيف بمواجهة الملوك والحكام

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قد لا تفهم الان او غداً ولكن بمرور الوقت سيكشف لك الله سبب مرورك بكل الصعاب التي مرت عليك.

You may not understand today or tomorrow but eventually God will reveal why you went through everything you did.

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"افتح فمك فقط إن كان ما ستقوله أجمل من الصمت
Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence."
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